Rentals are subject to all terms and conditions of the lease you will be required to sign. Below is an outline of the terms of service but are not the official terms of service. For an official copy of the terms and conditions, please contact us using our online contact form or call 612-789-2900.

Rental Rates are Based on the following terms:

  • One day equals up to one calendar day or up to 8 hours usage.
  • One week, equals up to five working days, or up forty usage hours.
  • One month equals one calendar month, or up to twenty working days, or up to one hundred sixty usage hours.
  • Lessee agrees to reimburse leaser at multiples of these rates for machines used for multiple shifts, or machines with hour meter usage readings exceeding maximum listed work hours per any rental time period.
  • Lessee warrants that lifts will not be used for sandblasting, painting, or similar work without the knowledge of leaser. Lessor assumes no responsibility for property damage, or public liability, or for worker’s compensation or other insurance required on Lessee’s work. Lessees are responsible to provide instruction, safety belts and lanyards for their workmen using lifts.

Rental Period: The rental period or period of possession shall include all time from receipt of the equipment by Customer hereafter “Lessee” up to and including the time it is accepted by BRC Rentals hereafter “Leaser” for return, also shall include all time necessitated by the repairs contemplated in paragraph 4 hereof. If the equipment is shipped to Lessee the rental period or period of possession shall include all time from the date of the bill of lading up to and including the date of the return bill of lading and also shall include all time necessitated by the repairs contemplated in paragraph 4 hereof. There shall be no abatement of rent during any period when the equipment is inoperable due to mechanical defect or failure or unfavorable weather or labor conditions.

Termination: Leaser may terminate this lease at any time, for any reason with or without cause. Upon Leaser’s election to terminate this lease agreement, Lessee shall make available the equipment for pickup within 24 hours by Leaser. Lessee’s obligations upon such termination by Leaser shall be full payment of rental invoices for such time that Lessee was in possession of equipment and repair of any damage thereto.

Taxes and Other Charges: In addition to the invoiced rental costs, Lessee shall pay all shipping charges and any assessment, sales, use, excise, personal property, ad valorem, stamp and documentary taxes and any other governmental taxes, charges, fees, fines or penalties, including any under the Occupational Safety and Health Acts whatsoever assessed against or payable by Leaser. Lessee or others during the rental period on or relating to the leased equipment or the use, registration, rental, shipment, transportation, delivery or operation thereof, or relating to this Agreement, and Lessee shall file all returns and papers required thereof and furnish copies thereof to Leaser.

Fuel and Maintenance: Any damage to the equipment due to misuse, abuse, lack of service, or negligence will warrant additional charges payable by the Lessee on return of the rental equipment. While the units are in the possession of the lessee, lessee is responsible for at lessee’s expense normal preventative maintenance, as required by the manufacturer. Such items include but are not limited to oil changes, filter changes, greasing, maintaining proper levels of lubricant, maintaining proper pressures of fuel and oils, etc. In the event of damage to equipment, BRC Rentals must be informed immediately. BRC Rentals retains the right to approve or disapprove all means of repair to equipment.

  • All repairs done by Lessee must be pre-approved.
  • All unapproved repairs will Not be reimbursed.
  • All repairs must be completed by pre-approved qualified technicians or by BRC Rentals technicians.
  • Upon completion all repairs must be accepted by BRC Rentals in writing or may warrant additional fees for repairs.

Operation: Equipment may not be overloaded beyond its rated capacity by Lessee. Lessee shall use the leased equipment only for the purposes and within the limits for which it is designed and shall permit only competent and properly
trained person to operate it. Lessee agrees to review operations manuals with assigned operators. Leaser reserves the right in its sole discretion to enter upon any job site or any location where said equipment is being used.